Vogelfrei Team

We love to be outside in nature, and to share our passion for paragliding with our passengers.

Guest satisfaction is the best reward for us!


A passion for paragliding unites the vogelfrei team as much as the opportunity to make the dream of flying a reality for others.  All of our experienced 

vogelfrei pilots are licensed by the German hang gliding association, are properly insured, and will greet you warmly in Oberstdorf, ready to take you on high.  

  • Realization of your dream
  • Friendly team
  • Licensed, full-time tandem pilots
  • Necessary insurance


"Flying for me means freedom, the body and the thoughts float."

For Schelli, flying means freedom, allowing the body and thoughts to float. Again and again he is fascinated by the feeling of moving through the air three-dimensionally without any engine, only carried by a few square meters of fabric, to merge with the forces of nature.

Making it possible for other people to enjoy this indescribable feeling of freedom and to give them a piece of heaven makes him incredibly happy. For more than 20 years, Schelli's professionalism in tandem flying has raised the bar throughout the Alpine region, making him known far beyond the Allgäu in the scene.

  • Owner and founder of Flyzone, co-owner of vogelfrei
  • Flying since 1991, full time flight instructor since 1993
  • Tandem subject teacher, examiner, photographer, paramotor pilot
  • Winner of the German Distance Trophy 2001 (tandem)
  • First Tandem Alpine Crossing (2001)
  • German record holder finish flight Tandem 100 km
  • So far more than about 4800 tandem flights


“From the mountains to the skies”

While completing his paragliding license, the motto was set: “as fast, as high and as far as possible.”  The motivation stuck, and Tobi was quickly able to draw on a vast trove of experience.  He used this gathered knowledge to complete his tandem pilots license, and to become a paragliding instructor.  In addition to flying, he can

often be found in the mountains, as licensed VBDS/UIMLA mountaineering guide, and imparts his love of the heights while providing security here as well through his prudent and kind manner.  As co-owner of vogelfrei, his heart and soul are invested in sharing the joy and experience of flying in his cool and uncomplicated way.

  • Certified tandem pilot
  • Certified DHV flight instructor
  • Certified mountaineering guide
  • Dipl. Event Manager (prov.)
  • Co-owner of vogelfrei


“I was able to fulfill my dream of flying--and a Worldcup victory--with my paraglider!”

Flying has always been his life!  In his youth, his passion for aerodynamics developed, and he marked this with a title as master in model aerobatics early on.  On the side, he developed his own model planes, which are still sold successfully today.  Early on, Manu got his paragliding license, and immediately and successfully entered the competition circuit. 

In short succession he won the German championships,  the paragliding league, and many others.  A personal milestone was his 2013 world cup victory in Turkey.  Since absolving his engineering degree in early 2014 we can proudly claim a ‘flying engineer’ as part of our team.  

  • Certified tandem pilot
  • Red Bull X-Alps 2015 Rank 9
  • Worldcup Winner 2013
  • National team paragliding 2010 and 2014
  • German Open winner 2014
  • Co-owner of vogelfrei


"More than 25 years ago, Olli followed the call of the mountains and moved from the Rhineland to Oberstdorf for the sake of aviation."

More than 25 years ago, Olli followed the call of the mountains and moved from the Rhineland to Oberstdorf for the sake of aviation. After more than 10 years of intense competition flying, he is now passing on his many years of experience in seminars and tandem flights to others with his cheerful nature.

The beauty of it is that even after so many years, every day, every flight and every passenger is a new challenge for him to do his best. Even on vacation, Olli indulges in umbrella sports with his kite, preferring to sail in warm climes over the Caribbean Sea.

  • Flying since 1988
  • DHV certified tandem pilot, former competition and test pilot, seminar leader
  • Former member of the German national team
  • Multiple German Champion and distance Cup winner
  • Vice World Champion with the team
  • Winner of the overall World Cup 2004
  • Over 3000 tandem flights


"As a flying globetrotter I feel at home everywhere!"

Michl Gebert

As a 14-year-old Michael started his first own flight tests with the dragon. Shortly thereafter, of course, the paraglider license was added. After several years of competitive flying and winning the German Junior Championship twice, he traveled the world on a flying basis, combining his two great passions, traveling and flying. Michael has also been working as a flight instructor for more than 15 years

and helped countless students to learn this beautiful sport. He returned to the competition scene with the Red Bull X Alps and in 2005 was the youngest participant in what is arguably the toughest adventure race in the world, finishing in a respectable 5th place. Today, he brings his experience as a tandem pilot and partner in outlawed as well as owner of included in worldwide travel.

  • Flying since 1993
  • DHV licensed tandem pilot
  • DHV flight instructor two times
  • German Junior Champion in hang gliding four-time
  • Red Bull X Alps participants
  • Co-owner and travel guide at 


“My passion for flight hasn’t left me to this day, and I love sharing it with others.”


As soon as he started flying, Sebi combined this passion with his wanderlust.  Since then, he’s been paragliding around spectacular landscapes all over the world, including New Zealand’s Alps, the Rocky Mountains, the Himalayas, Mexico’s highlands, and many more.

His competitive ambitions grew as well.  In 2010 he participated in his first paragliding world cup, and has since flown successfully in dozens of national and international competitions.  In 2014 he made the German national team.  Like Manuel, he studied engineering, and supplements our team of ‘flying engineers.’

  • Certified tandem pilot
  • 282 km flight from Osterfelder (FAI triangle)
  • Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Mechanical Engineering
  • National team paragliding 2014
  • German league since 2010


"Even as a child, the Oberstdorf mountains were a big playground for Andrea."


Even as a child, the Oberstdorf mountains were a big playground for Andrea. She first experienced the fascination of flying with hang gliding before she discovered paragliding for herself after several years.

Today, she usually enjoys her flights after a long mountain hike to one of the Allgäu summits or the joy of her passengers after their first tandem flight.

  • Paragliding pilot since 1986
  • Dragon pilot since 1990
  • DHV licensed flight instructor and tandem pilot, pilot examiner
  • Winner of the German Open 2003
  • Multiple winner of the German Cross Country Cup
  • Over 2000 tandem flights



"The most beautiful thing about tandem flying for me is the daily contact with happy people."


Michi did the training with Andi together with Tobi. Today, they all work together in a team, because Michi has remained true to the aviation sport. He has many flights around the world (Alps, Chile, Bolivia, Nepal, ...),

expanded his flight skills and collected many enriching impressions. He not only shares his impressions of nature with his guests on the mountain bike, but also from a bird's eye view.

  • Flying since 2007
  • DHV certified tandem pilot
  • Bike Guide
  • DHV certified flight instructor assistant
  • Altitude flight at 5800m



"For me, the fascination of flying arises every time I start again."


Andi has been part of the Allgäu paragliding scene since 1989 and has not gotten away from flying ever since. Since 1994, the all-round mountaineer works as a flight instructor and tandem pilot and now brings all his experience at bird free.

His serene way already was a benefit for tandem pilots Tobi and Michi, who learned from Andi. He has never lost his enthusiasm for the sport and so he sweetened his free time with his paraglider today.

  • DHV certified flight instructor
  • DHV certified Performance Trainer
  • DHV examiner Tour Guide
  • Speed ​​Riding Instructor


"I'm so passionate about flying that I spend every free minute in the air."


Michel was already born in the cradle of love for the mountains and aviation, actually when the father is a mountain guide, kite and glider pilot. So his flying career began with gliding, before he decided to join the "simplest" way of flying. Within a short time he could transfer his extensive knowledge of aviation to the paraglider.

Meanwhile, he is one of Germany's best acrobatic pilots. Above all, he owes this to his extremely talented "hands" and his boundless motivation. Anyone who gets into the car after 5 tandem flights, hurries to the next Flugberg to catch the last cable car there for another training flight, is burning for his passion.

  • 5th place Bordairrace
  • DHV certified flight instructor assistant
  • Acrobatics showpilot
  • 142km cross-country flight


"Try cosiness."


Alexander "Supertramp" did not only travel some nice places with his paraglider, but also worked there as a tandem pilot. As one of the few who hold the South African tandem flight license, which is very demanding, he has

above all there a lot of experience in sporty flight areas collected. It does not bother him and his passengers appreciate him a lot. Maybe he has simply imported the "relaxing" from his travels.

  • Flying since 2010
  • Tandem pilot in several countries
  • Tandem flight instructor
  • Working therapist



"To be in the mountains is for me an intense landscape experience, which is deepened by a shared experience on the rope or under the paraglider."


In the mountains of the Alps and the world Dominik feels at home. Whether hanging in the wall, on skis or under the paraglider. Flexibility, situational action and an infectious zest for life make the

meeting with him to a special experience. The Allgäu mountains have been playgrounds and loyal companions since childhood. In tandem flying, he shares his attachment with his passengers.




  • Flying since 2007
  • DHV certified tandem pilot
  • State-certified ski instructor
  • Certified mountain guide, instructional team VDBS Freeride
  • 5 flights from Mont Blanc with paraglider / speedrider
  • Various Paraalpintouren on 4000 in the Alps (Chamonix, Valais, Bernese Oberland)
  • Paragliding tour through Kyrgyzstan with horse support


"I did my first flight when i was 9 years old."


Being the son of a paragliding pilot, Ivan had no choice than to spend the holidays flying as a passenger with his father since he was 9 years old. By the age of 15 he was able to start flying on his own in his native Pyrenees mountains. 19 years later Ivan has been flying professionally in Spain, New Zealand, Nepal, Austria and Germany.

Living seasonally in different countries every year, he has become an "air nomad", looking for the best places and best weather to keep flying all year around and, specially, to share his passion and experiences with people who dreams on flying.

  • Certified tandem pilot
  • Paragliding instructor in Spain and France
  • Flying since 1998


“I’ll prepare you for your flying adventure…!”

Annette Gebert

Annette is responsible for the good vibes and tip top organization in our office, and is the first point of contact for those wishing to fly with us, leaving no question unanswered.

She’ll give you all the details about your scheduled flight. Her charming, easy-going way will dispel any remaining anxieties. Reach Annette with questions at +49 151 127 66111

  • Paragliding pilot
  • Photographer


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