Skotti Grill 2.0


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  • ultra-flat pack size

The SKOTTI goes into the next round: The SKOTTI 2.0 is here! And of course it has lost none of its multifunctionality and flexibility. On the contrary! It has been given a really clean update. The new SKOTTI is now supplied with the “Pool” grease drip tray – but more on that later.

The SKOTTI is still a top choice for barbecuing in the park, at the lake, on the balcony – on the table or on a picnic blanket, even on the snowboard, the paddleboard on the open sea or the hood – with the SKOTTI you really can barbecue just about anywhere. It is the first gas barbecue in the world that consists of plug-in individual parts: you can set it up within a minute without tools. It gets at least as hot as a regular free-standing grill. Turn on the gas cartridge, hold the lighter to the ignition opening – done!

You control the heat using a rotating regulator, and within a very short time you can enjoy something deliciously grilled. And while you are eating, your SKOTTI cools down again and you can set it aside, clean it or store it directly in its washable tarpaulin bag.

Now with new “POOL” grease drip tray

Speaking of cleaning. This is now even easier with the new Pool grease drip tray. It replaces the previous, almost flat floor panel on the new SKOTTI. This not only prevents grease from dripping onto the surface when grilling more reliably than before, but also makes cleaning easier after the meal, provided the tray is filled with a little water before lighting the SKOTTI.

The new grease drip tray, a long-cherished wish of many customers, also fits into the conventional SKOTTI and is therefore also available separately. This means that all those who already own a SKOTTI can upgrade their model without much effort.

You get all this as you would expect from the SKOTTI: your SKOTTI Grill fits effortlessly in any motorhome, hiking rucksack, van, canoe, motorcycle bag or on the luggage rack. Or you can simply carry it directly under your arm – SKOTTI weighs just 3.3 kg including the bag. Incidentally, the burner tube and gas hose are well protected in the two compartments inside the bag, which is of course included in the scope of delivery.

Slightly raised front edges

In addition, both front edges of the new SKOTTI are slightly raised, so that the grill offers even more functionality with an almost identical pack size. A larger plancha or pan can also be used here, for example, as all the sides are now the same height.


The SKOTTI barbecue is not only an all-rounder on the grill grate, but also underneath it: If you don’t have gas to hand, you can also heat SKOTTI with coal or use its body as a small fire bowl and make a cozy little campfire for you and your friends. When using with charcoal or wood, make sure that about 1 cm of sand, gravel or earth is filled into the “pool” grease drip tray. This provides additional protection for the stainless steel.


Our accessories turn your SKOTTI barbecue into a complete small outdoor kitchen: Take a look at the SKOTTI Cap, our multifunctional hood and our SKOTTI Boks stainless steel tins. Available in two different sizes, you can use them not only to transport your barbecue food without plastic and drips, but also directly as a pan or pot on the barbecue.

Gas is not included in the scope of delivery.

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